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Way to SMS is an ideal solution for texting online and sending free SMS texts
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Destination CRM: "Trumpia Releases SMS Surveying Tool" - "Trumpia, a multi-channel marketing and messaging solution provider, has released an interactive SMS marketing and messaging feature called Yes/No Response. This feature uses two-way SMS text messaging to allow users to receive prompt replies from subscribers with yes or no responses."

Now, individuals can avoid the need to purchase SMS packs to send 250, 500, or unlimited amounts of text messages …

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By utilizing the services of Way to SMS, any user can send unlimited SMS text messages to their family and friends at absolutely no cost at all.

Since Way to SMS was first launched in 2006, it has quickly evolved into the world's leading personal messaging solution. They offer global reach, anytime …

It remains a popular SMS messaging service in 130+ countries. It offers the perfect PC-to-mobile messaging alternative, allowing users to send their messages to any mobile device.

As a free alternative, Way2SMS was the first in the industry to present an option for unlimited PC-to-mobile messaging that includes free email mobile alerts.

It has also integrated of instant messaging. The service supports both CDMA and GMS networks. The messages are delivered almost instantaneously.


Because in today's society, we all use our mobile devices to send SMS messaging, and texting is an established marketing method, it makes perfect sense to use the free features provided by Way to SMS.

YouTube Video about the app Way for SMS. Available for free at Google's Android app marketplace Google Play

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